Monthly archives: July, 2022

Sweet Lily Love (@LilyLove666) – Drum Machine Joy

This is a Happy Hardcore/Chiptune cover of “Drum Machine Joy” by Joy Electric.


BlackLight (@blackliteTrance) – Hypnotized With The Night (Radio Edit)

The song is about getting lost/hypnotized with the night while having a great time at a large music festival like EDC and being taken away by the music and all happening while living your best life.

Twitter name: @blackliteTrance

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KEMI$TRY (@trykemi) feat. 504 FIEND – “Freak”

This song is basically about freaks a person can be a freak in many ways and anybody can be a freak young old, skinny, fat a single person or a couple.

Twitter @trykemi
Tiktok @kemistry615