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Montana Millz & Queen JuJu – Gangster Sh**

From the WeTV show “Life After Lockup” (Season 5) which premieres 12/1/23 comes the debut collaborative single from husband and wife Montana Millz and Queen JuJu “Gangster Sh**” (JAM Entertainment/CREATE.Digital Music/Virgin Music Group).

Fans of the popular reality TV couple have been curious about what’s next for Montana Millz and Queen JuJu as season 5 of Life After Lockup drops. They will not be disappointed with their first joint music venture 12/1/23.

Life After Lockup:–1044408

Gangster Sh**:

IG: @therealmontanamillz @_itsjujusworld

Paradoxxtheartist – “False Perceptions”

The song False Perceptions talks about the corrupt world we live in and the daily challenges of overcoming adversity that life brings. The song is not just a trap song its a song that brings awareness and knowledge, one of my best works yet produced by the producer agangonthebeat. False Perceptions represents, the struggle and the things that nobody wants to discuss, and how we are convinced in to believe false narratives of the way our world and system is designed. Really need to listen close to the message not just a song u dance to.


The Dreaming Void (@dreamingvoiduk) – The Stranger

The Stranger is taken from the EP ‘Lines’, written and recorded by The Dreaming Void. Song is about an strange experience our lead singer when she was younger.

Dalton Mullins – Paradise

“Paradise” will take you to a peaceful place and wash over your senses leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.


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Kraig Evans – Jump

An upbeat fusion of rap/hiphop & edm to dance too.


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Jet Swade (@JetSwadeRaps) – The Future is Glorious

The Future is Glorious by Jet Swade is a uplifting lyrical hip-hop song with a warm melodic tone mixed with high intensity rap flow and break beat drums. The core message of the song is about inspiring future innovators to pick up the torch and become the greatest versions of themselves.

WaterFall (@_WFBand) – “Sin”

WaterFall, an experimental rock band based in Mexico, is set to release their debut single “Sin” on all major streaming platforms on October 13th. In this compelling song, WaterFall explores the raw depths of the human psyche, delving into the subjects of temptation, alienation, sacrifice, and guilt.

With an unmistakable raw sound WaterFall’s “Sin” is more than a song; it’s a musical odyssey through the human condition. In “Sin,” WaterFall takes you on a haunting journey, using layered guitars, bass, and powerful vocals recorded at their own home studio.

Anatoliy Schneider, the multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and composer behind WaterFall, describes “Sin” as a deeply personal song that is part of a larger concept album of the same name. The album explores the dark side of spiritual development, highlighting the universal themes of change, redemption, and the constant struggle to confront inner demons. Through powerful lyrics and evocative melodies, the album invites audiences to confront their vulnerabilities and seek understanding in the face of life’s impermanence.


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XADRIAN FERRARA is an otherwordly Goth Pop artist taking the music industry by storm – creating a gothic realm for the masses. Darker music for darker times! Listen to the timely and well-crafted tracks “SHADOW WAR” and “MASS GRAVE”! For more info visit LUSTXCOR.COM




Arcangelo Ark Tangorra – CHRISTMAS (WITHOUT ME)

A new classic song for Christmas… “This is my song in sweet memory of who loved us.” says Arcangelo Ark Tangorra.
Instagram: Ark_Rock_Cafe

Teodor Stronegger – Change

Superb new single from Teodor Stronegger. “Change came about this summer when I sat in my studio, took out my guitar and found a good chord progression. I started by putting in the chords and created a good foundation for the acapella. I found a great melody for the drop and now 4-5 months later the song is out” says Teodor.