Zulu God χξϛ (@zulugod666) – Boat Load ft. John Zoe

Hello world, my name is Zulu God χξϛ. I am a Haitian American artist inspired by Wu Tang Clan, Future, 2Pac Biggie Smalls, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Kanye West, Money Man, & Travis Scott. I was born in Boston. My parents, and the streets raised me from the north to the south- shoutout North Miami 6 Ave. I have 2 sons that have motivated me to take my music to the next level J’Den & Deangelo. I’m an ex football/ weightlifting/ track star. If it wasn’t for music I would still be playing sports. When I’m on the microphone I feel unstoppable like a zoe beatle. Zulu stands for the African Nation I represent for and shoutout Afrika Bambaataa for influencing my wave I started with this hip hop culture in 2017 as a Zoe artist. God at the end of Zulu is just to remind the world to praise and remember the name God while I’m on the Mic. No matter what God you pray to just believe in something while on this earth. 666 is the number of the beast since I am a man. I am my only competition so keep my name out diss records. If you want to make dope music just catch me while you can. My regards peace, love, & unity. Still independent.

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