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Englishman in Berlin – Pain In Her Heart

Singer/Songwriter Robert Metcalf aka „Englishman in Berlin” releases his new single „Pain In Her Heart“ – with an impressive Video.

The essence of first-class songwriting lies in the art of telling a good story. And an example of convincing storytelling is to be found in the sad tale “Pain in Her Heart”, penned by Robert Metcalf, aka “Englishman in Berlin”. Metcalf – known to a wider German public as a writer of children´s song – addresses here an adult audience in his mother tongue. The single (available in most streaming services) and the accompanying video (YouTube) will be published simultaneously on 29 October 2021.

In his “songwriting project for adults” Metcalf has in the past frequently taken up serious topics, involving stories often told from an individual´s perspective. This time, too, the subject is serious, not to say oppressive; and as the song-title suggests, it´s about a young woman who is suffering from a deep-felt sadness, an inexplicable state that weighs her down and dominates her life. The video on YouTube offers this description: “It’s about a young woman – attractive, amicable, good-natured. But something is wrong, something causes her pain, and she can´t say why”.

With vivid lyrics Metcalf gives us an insight into the heartache and loneliness of this woman, who seeks an answer but finds none:
She´s been to the doctor, and what did he think?
And she thought: He´s probably thinking I´m a case for the shrink.
And he wrote a prescription for pills that she won´t take.
It´s worse in the night-time, she says, it keeps me awake.
To this story there is no happy end and even in the final lines no hint that the pain in her heart might soon disappear.

Metcalf is a master of his craft!

Song Links: https://song.link/de/i/1589942416
Song Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaXAfYYMRUY


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