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BlackLight (@blackliteTrance) – Bring Me That Feeling (Original Mix)

After the release of the EDM track “You Got Me Going (Original Mix)” on March 18th, he will follow it up with another endearing release “Bring Me That Feeling (Original Mix)” on April 8th. Lovers of relaxed and chill EDM melodies will feel right at home with this track that is 12 minutes long! This is a luxurious trip to exotic places as it allows your mind to drift to the simplest and most apparently ordinary moments on a beach somewhere as you enjoy life’s finest treasures sipping espresso and eating gelato! The track has been expertly crafted to a precise melodicism that is as smooth as the surface of a lake on a sweltering summer afternoon.

Setting the stage with a steady pulse, “Bring Me That Feeling (Original Mix)” makes an impression with the drums and bass that can be felt right in your heart. Cascading over itself, the main melody sneaks in with a smooth and refreshingly rhythmic quality that pulls in the listeners’ focus. There are a plethora of engaging and twisting ideas and before you know it you are already lost in the groove.

Careful not to overwhelm, this track adds just enough excitement over the beat and avoids anything exasperating or discombobulating. The distant male vocals do well to add that color with the repetitive and alluring wavy touch of the lyrics “Bring Me That Feeling”. Overall, this track by Blacklight has enough flair to keep a listener intrigued and coming back for more. It will be available for streaming on all the popular digital stores from 8th April 2022.

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Shemaiah A. Reed (@shemaiahonthebt) – “She’s Stacking”

Shemaiah A. Reed has released She’s Stacking!

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Tremaine (@makeachange720) ft. Tripleplay Squeek – Off The Floor (Remix)

Broadcasting live an direct from Ca$hville comes Tremaine aka (the Richest nigga in his section ain’t no 2nd guessin) with a visual remix installment for his ladies motivational anthem “off the floor” this time he’s teamed with fellow ca$hvillian “TriplePlay Squeek” to give the fellas a little motivational bar’s.

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Off The Floor (Remix) Video

SnapDibz (@SnapDibz) – “Sometimes” feat. Rey

Song is a track about strength and overcoming. The chorus is by the melodic voice of Rey… and is vibey and catchy. The meaningful lyrics continue with SnapDibz as he talks about fake people, fake support but the fact is you are all you need to succeed.

The music video is a live video staring myself.

MasterRhymez Ft DNA & Penelope – Empire Thoughts

Rising New York Rapper teams up with Battle rap Legend and New songstress, to bring you empire thoughts. How do you build your Empire? How do you protect it? Empire thoughts.

BlackLight (@blackliteTrance) – You Got Me Going (Original Mix)

This track is a stunner and what you get is 5 minutes and 26 seconds of melodic extravagance and a full-throttle proper electronically charged EDM that cuts through with precision and orderly urgency! The way the kick drum integrates with the sub-bass and cuts through like a sharp razor through the mix being accompanied by the flying female vocals that sometimes engage in call and response motif and creates a riff and rhythm with the hi-hats is a moment of magic that will fill your heart with overzealous joy!

The reverberated snare drums play heavily in that Dubstep-kind of make-up and punches in the mix and the combination of those extra percussion samples and hats adds the space and width and helps soften the sound and add that intriguing movement. He made this sound as natural as possible by throwing in a bit of randomization and the end result is simply stupefying! This track is out now in digital stores and streaming platforms such as Beatport, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and more. You can follow him through his socials and get to pre-order and listen through this stunningly innovated sound!

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Ahmad McCown – “My Destination”

As we all have been told, it’s important to chase our dreams while we’re here on Earth. During the journey, there are going to be some negative comments in our ears. Ahmad McCown’s “My Destination” is a groove that talks directly to all of the headshakers that don’t support a person’s vision. McCown’s lyrics describe his feelings towards those who don’t think he will prevail. “My Destination” is the type of song that could increase a person’s morale and self-esteem. It gives one a feeling that he or she can achieve anything as long as they remain dedicated and focused. Ahmad understands that there isn’t an easy road to success. As he continues to chase his dream, he realizes that there will be some downfalls and setbacks. Regardless of all of the doubters, McCown refuses to let anyone or anything stop him from reaching his destination.

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