Ahmad McCown – “My Destination”

As we all have been told, it’s important to chase our dreams while we’re here on Earth. During the journey, there are going to be some negative comments in our ears. Ahmad McCown’s “My Destination” is a groove that talks directly to all of the headshakers that don’t support a person’s vision. McCown’s lyrics describe his feelings towards those who don’t think he will prevail. “My Destination” is the type of song that could increase a person’s morale and self-esteem. It gives one a feeling that he or she can achieve anything as long as they remain dedicated and focused. Ahmad understands that there isn’t an easy road to success. As he continues to chase his dream, he realizes that there will be some downfalls and setbacks. Regardless of all of the doubters, McCown refuses to let anyone or anything stop him from reaching his destination.


Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7yVweMYrl2yJB66bpLQzZU