2Four (@TeamReal2Four) – “Blackout”

Nashville solo-sensation 2Four continues to change the landscape of the music-scene where he lives by creating dynamic rhymes & versatile beats that provoke thought, inspire change & encourage creativity. As a rapper/hip-hop artist born & raised in Tennessee, 2Four has earned the respect of his fans & peers alike through his tireless dedication to his craft, humble enthusiasm and genuine desire to strengthen music overall by putting in his very best every time the studio & stage-lights come on.

With a brand-new mixtape – 24 – available everywhere online, 2Four’s music is finding its way across the globe quickly as word continues to spread about his authentic approach to the mic & the massively captivating energy that the record contains. Taking his own creativity to a whole new-level, he’s set an entirely high-standard for innovation on 24, challenging himself to rise to the occasion and deliver his very best, beat after beat & bar after bar.