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Born in Chester, PA. Aaron L. Douglas, is now known as A.D. Has always loved music since he was a toddler, but he noticed his love in the 7th grade. He then decided to formed a rap group called the “Young Hustlers”. Aaron then had an ideal to use the initials of his first and last name, and the artist known as “A.D.” was born. A.D. started to become well known for his rap and people often called him by his stage name. Now being brought up in the church, A.D. met up with one of his friends who did gospel rap in church. So then they got together, because his friend’s brothers had a record label called Sinai Records. So A.D. began to perform with this group, Sinai, at many churches and venues in his hometown. One of the biggest being a sold out Grand Opera House Show and a Music Festival with 3000 attended. Experimenting in between he would do songs about social awareness and soul hip hop artist style. Appearing as a an prodigious upcoming artist onBlurimag.com one of the biggest internet magazine on the web he is feature there with artist like Mims, Neyo, Styles P and various other Major Artist. For a few years being under L.O.A.D Entertainment as a sign artist many major labels wanted sign the label because of A.D’s talents. In the mist because of the buzz and hearing of a major label signing. A.D landed a song with Kanye West were the song and the relationship turn into a finical disagreement. So the song became displaced but appeared on A.D’s mixtape “Tha Anointing”. Under his label R.E.A.L Music Entertainment. His first E.P “M.S.N.L.B.B.A” was doing well in other major digital stores billboard.com had to feature it on there website. Being in over 2500 sites on google “M.S.N.L.B.B.A” has became a hot commodity with shirts, tees, and hats. Being a Hip-hop artist, A.D. brings a passion of true story events that happen to him that others can relate to by thinking out the box. He tries to be different in his out reach to others and to help through music. Throughout his career in the music business his music has been a testament to others that get you through the hard times. But, his music also lifts you up and makes you want to dance. A.D’s marvelous and incredible rhymes skills mix with fluent and effortless flow brings a new unseasoned craft to the music business. Just Starting up his own radio show ,clothing line, record label and more. A.D is more then just an artist but a young entrepreneur.

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