A Guide to Getting Your Music Albums Reviewed

It might seem easy to go out and have the major media outlets review your music album. However, it is is not as simple as you think and the landscape is changing in terms of what works. This is why I have adjusted and started implementing new ideas with regards to getting my albums reviewed. This is where the Internet is able to come in handy and offer real value over the long-term.

Start with the Blogs

Yes, online blogs are ideal when it comes to reviews but it is a tough process to find the best ones for your genre. There are a multitude of options and each editor is going to have their own requirements with regards to the albums put in front of them. However, if you want to get started in the music industry, this is your best bet moving forward. These editors are not going to be working with major brands and that will make it easier for a newcomer to get a foot through the door. Otherwise, a lot of major reviewers stick to what their sponsors want. in this case, you are able to at least speak to the editor of the blog.

Where do you locate these blogs?

There are various places to look when it comes to finding quality blogs. It is best to head over to the hypem.com and start there. They have a collection of music blogs listed in one place for you to go through. This makes it easier to move forward with the process.

Please remember, you have to be prepared before speaking to one of these blogs. This means you want to have a detailed kit ready to go (i.e. pictures, accessible files). Whenever they ask for them, you should be ready to go.

If you don’t want to use an online resource, you can have head over to Google and start finding specialized music blogs on your own too. There are many Internet radio stations that may be willing to work with you and your music. To do things smartly, don’t be afraid to use quotation marks in your search queries. This ensures those specific phrases (i.e. electronic music) pops up with each listing on Google.

Additional music aggregators include:

www.npr.org/music/blogs – Ideal for most top-tier music blogs and regularly updated

www.elbo.ws – Great music blog aggregator

http://thesocialmediaverificationteam.com/music-blog-submission-service/ – good service

Locate the Top Companies and Their Reps

In the past, it has been noted how well people do when they speak with their instrument manufacturers. Those companies are more than happy to sponsor musicians and can make it easier to get through the front door as a newcomer.

By speaking to one of these companies, you may also get the opportunity to show up on their personal blog/newsletter/social media account. It is a good launching pad and does work for those who don’t have a lot of traction online going into the process. You should always be ready to communicate with their representatives and see what they are able to do for you through their social media accounts or newsletters.

Pay Attention to Networking

Networking is the name of the game for those entering the music industry especially when it comes to getting reviews. It is not going to be an easy process but you have to keep going whether it involves speaking to editors, music stores, companies, or Internet radio channels. It is all about getting your name out there and putting in the hard work that’s necessary to grow. When you do this the right way, you’re going to see tremendous growth as a newcomer.

Focus on Local Options

The power of local media is unheralded and goes a long way when you pursue it the right way. This can include local blogs, newspapers, social media personalities, and other local resources. You want to be able to reach out to these outlets and find a way to get showcased on their main channels (i.e. blogs/forums/accounts). By doing this, you are going to become a part of the local music economy and that will lead to numerous networking opportunities in the future. This is how you are going to show them your worth and why you should be featured as a local artist.

Concluding Thoughts

Remember, there is no set formula when it comes to reaching out and speaking with one of the leading media outlets. You simply have to put in the time and continue to crack away until you are able to find the right fit for your genre/style. As long as you have a good press kit ready to go at all times, you will be able to get things done over time. This is not one of those situations where it is time to start forcing people to take up your offer. However, you should definitely feel confident to reach out with follow-up emails to see what they have to say about your music. When you take the time to spread the word and communicate, you will be able to get reviewed in a timely manner.