ACM – “Baby”

‘Baby’ is a song of electronic dance music, sung by Anne C. Montville. Who is she ? Just know that she comes from the world of opera and has made it in the pop world. It is a summer hit Definitely. It is part of many privileged lists : summer hits 2016, hits 2016, dance hits 2016. As a ‘dance youtube’ song, it can be classed under many categories such as : hits and clips, edm music, edm mix, dance hits, top hits, hit music… It belongs for sure to the dance music scene,

The song itself, ‘Baby’ has a story and that is a real funny one. It started as a blues song, composed on the piano by Daniel Ichbiah, french writer of many hit books including some n°1s. His website is : However, Daniel Ichbiah is also a songwriter, who has made songs for major artists in France. See this page :

Anyway, Baby was first produced as a blues in the tradition of the 50’s, something which Ray Charles might have done. It was first recorded by a young girl named Aurelie. Then another singer, the present one (Anne-Charlotte is her first name), made her own version of it. Both of those were done on a bluesy model, voice and piano. Then the song was shown to a young french producteur, Lister. And Lister had the idea of transforming ‘Baby’ in a dancefloor tune. The song was totally metamorphosed. Anne-Charlotte had the adequate voice to sustain the very high notes that one can hear in ‘Baby’.

The first time Lister showed the new version ‘Baby’ as an electronic dance music them to Daniel Ichbiah, he was a bit afraid that the author might not like it. But in fact, Ichbiah immediately loved this new version. And we all agreed that we definitely had here a dance hit, a summer hit, the kind of tunes which get everybody on the dancefloor.

We shall probably also release the ‘slow’ version of ‘Baby’ and most people will be very surprised to see that is the same song, at least, what has been the origin of this dance hit of 2016.
We hope that you will enjoy ‘Baby’ as much as we do.