Adam Clark (@adammusicclark) – King of the Sky

Adam Clark was practically born singing; his first words reprised the hook in
The Beach Boys’ “Barbara Ann.”
Hailing from the rust belt metropolis of Rochester, N.Y. Clark began writing
songs for multiple local bands and performers as a teen.
Clark continued the tradition of songwriting for others upon making his way to
Boston, Mass. for college. There, he began writing music for a group of
students at the Berklee College of Music. The experience introduced him to
different music styles, and had a profound effect on what would become his
own songwriting career.

After college, Clark made his way back home, and began writing his first
single “Feels So Good.” Clark’s first solo EP “No Sleep, Just Dreams”
followed, and caught the ears of multi-platinum Grammy award-nominated
producer and songwriter David Schuler (Mancomm/Topl1ne/Green & Bloom).
On October 10th, 2014, Clark subsequently released the single “King of the
Sky” to accreditation from major blogs and magazines, including Chulo
Magazine which called it “an amazing, polished piece of music.