AJ Busta (@aj_busta) – A.I. (via @hardstylosophy)


2013, the year AJ Busta starts off his new label Hardstylosophy. After over 10 years of experience in the harder styles its time for a new age. Austria bears a new breed of beatz that heralds a new era in Austrian hardstyle. Live the hardstylosophy!

AJ Busta, the name is a solid component to the hardstyle genre, since the startoff of the first Austrian Hard Dance label called Austrocore in the year 2000. After releasing on several labels in Italy, Germany, Great Britain, USA, … playing next to names as DJ Zany, Lady Dana, A-lusion, Headhunterz,… having top positions in the charts, he became surely one of the most recommended harddance dj and producer in Austria shifting abroad. Fasten your seatbelts hardheads! YES!!What a ride…time to take off, heading into the universe! AJ takes you on a harder styles space journey with a haunting melody that keeps your mind tripping! Get ready to beam up! Burning, catchy and spicey tune!! Beware!