Al Chestnut (@AlChestnut24) – Touch Me In A Special Way


AE Music Goup/Rebel Hill Entertainment/Warner Music Group brings you new music from Al Chestnut of the legendary Chestnut Brothers.” With the newly released single, ”Touch Me In A Special Way” Al stays true to his soulful tradition with a performance that is reminiscent of what has branded the Chestnut Brothers alongside some of the industry’s most renown artists. Sultry, seductive and sensual are just a few superlatives that describe this musical aphrodisiac that is sure to ignite the flames of passion that light your fire.

Anyone familiar with The Chestnut Brothers (Al & Ty) is well aware of the standard of musical excellence maintained throughout their illustrious career. They are recognized internationally as a very talented singing, songwriting, production team born in Columbia, South Carolina and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania under the influence of a father who played saxophone, mother who sang Gospel and sister who was the featured vocalist in a local jazz ensemble. It was this musically rich, nurturing environment that exposed them to a wide variety of music at very young ages and planted seeds from which, they blossomed into a dynamic duo with an electrifying stage show that has mesmerized audiences around the world.

After a long hiatus, Al takes center stage to blaze a new trail without his trusted sidekick. With the release of his hot new single and a repertoire comprised of songs ranging from genres of R&B, Jazz, Blues, Rock and Reggae, Al Chestnut is ready to set the industry on fire.