Al-x (@Alexmusictweets) – On the Dark Side (Music Video)


Electro Pop Takes a Step “On the Dark Side” With Rising Singer/Songwriter Al-x Releasing her Debut Music Video

Al-x is on fire. After years of exciting fans with her unique, hypnotizing mix of electro/dance and acoustic vocal driven pop, she’s finally releasing a video. The song is titled “On the Dark Side” and the anticipation is enormous.

The next big thing is something that’s often said in the music media press, but it’s never been truer than the case of Al-x. When you take a different approach to music that’s dear to so many, approaching it with unrestrained passion and creativity, it’s hard for the world not to notice. Al-x moves comfortably in her songs between the world of pop music, with an electro twist, all the way to classic acoustic guitar based songs brought to life with her angel’s voice. Sometimes she even mixes both genres in a single song and comes out with something much greater than either part. After steadily building her international fan base with three EPs and countless live shows to her credit, she’s recently announced her first music video. “On the Dark Side” will be released on July 11th.

This is sassy pop music with an edge. Don’t miss it.

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