Alex Genadinik (@genadinik) – “Road Less Traveled”

Alex Genadinik of is a singer-songwriter influenced by both US and Russian singers like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Bulat Okudzhava, and Vladimir Vysotskly. Alex’s songs feature imaginative poetry and beautiful, thoughtful lyrics that are bound to make you daydream into new worlds. Alex also runs and

Song inspired by Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Less Traveled” about making decisions in life and having those decisions take you on different journeys.

Here is a reference to the original poem by Rober Frost on Wikipedia:

Here is a great audiobook version of the original poem by Robert Frost reading “The Road Less Traveled:”

On YouTube, many artists have done their versions of this song including Idris Alba, Lauren Alaina, and George Strait, but this song is original and unique. This singer-songwriter song has an original sound and takes your imagination on a dreamy path that everyone can relate to in their life.

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