Amazing (@AmazingMGM) – Silence (Video) (via @concoreent @mikeellisspeaks)


Joe Thetais is a South Florida artist who goes by the stage name amazing he recently started a movement campaign with his single silence. Silence is mainly about what’s going on in todays society with racial profiling and police brutality Hes gotten the help and support from ex co-host of love and hip-hop Atlanta Benzino to show his support on the silence the violence movement . We’ve lost too many young lives in America dealing with police brutality or being profiled. Silence the violence movement has grown tremendously in a matter of months . Both record and video for silence has touched so many in America and people out in other countries The movement has only brought communities together and people together and it all started from a song the video down below you can see the video very deep message with this plot.

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