AMiN (@AminMuzik) – Talk Crazy (Kendrick Lamar Diss) (Headline “Strictly For Hip Hop Junkies”)


My reasoning for this record. i know people are gonna hate so i just wanna state my opinion. I Don’t care about blowing up, i just love doing the music. Okay, i know what your thinking. He’s just doing this for notoriety he’s just tryna get attention. If you follow me, you know i could give 2 farts about any of the two. Me being an artist and a native New Yorker, i feel like everyone thinks its cool to take shots at us all of the sudden. Kendrick Lamar tipped the the scale when he called his self the King of my city. This song is specifically crafted for my listeners and for whomever respects the fact that NY is the birthplace of Hip Hop. I care about Hip Hop culture so this is for you to Love & Hate. It’s just how i feel about any artist talking crazy about the birth place of Hip Hop specifically Kendrick Lamar. #IndependnceDay #RageAgainstTheIndustry #NewYork