Angel (@AngelDanceMusic) – “Fashion Fever” (EP)

20121126043602-Idolize-Music-Group-Presents-New-Dance-Artist-AngeRachel was born in Brooklyn N.Y from a mixed Mother and a mixed Father. Her mother was a stage performer most of her life which influences her and older sisters to emulate their mother.

Her life has been challenging since her childhood but yet fruitful. These challenges sparked her interest in writing songs, poetry, music and screenplays. She is an excellent classical pianist, trained since the age of three. This is why today she has the passion and the drive to be an extremely creative and proficient individual.

Now she has evolved in order to achieve her goals. Her focus consists of composing songs and producing music. With her passionate big brown eyes and alluring sexy physique, Rachel is a package ready to be opened and when done so, she will hypnotize you with her poetic lyrics accented with emotional feelings about her life and her experiences. Young, beautiful, sexy and talented her career is destined for greatness.

To her credits, Rachel has written on Puffy-Forever 1st track “What Ya Want”, ghost writer for Def Jam artist, videos; DMX, Truck Turner, was on a production deal with a producer managed by Bad Boy Entertainment. In her early years of artist development as a lyricist rapper mc, she also had early production recordings with one of the 36 chambers of Wu-Tang Clan. She has acted in “Colors of Rage” an Eagle Rock/Ground Zero production. She landed the lead road in a movie named “Behind the Plastic Curtain” which is a screenplay written by Anthony Marini based on a true story from the chronicles of “The Vault” from the notorious night club in NYC. Currently “The Vault” is being shopped around for a T.V.series on Fox FX. She’s currently recording an album.

She is a great inspiration to many great geniuses from famous musicians to famous brands. She has inspired many works across the globe. From the Parisian French Chateaus to the New York ghettos, Rachel has inspired many works and acted as the muse for incredible ideas. She currently is in the making of establishing her own brand and has started her own franchise named Love Liquors & Wines Inc. which started out by convincing her father to buy a grocery store building in Brooklyn NY and transform it into another liquor store which is currently his 3rd successful mom & pop store. She also opened her own mom & pop liquor store and took the name with her, and now, she currently owns the incorporated franchise name. She also invented her own premium liquor which she will be branding soon. The recipe grew into a line of homemade cocktails which she also will be branding soon. She is the face of all her brands.

Entertainment is her life. Her gift is her voice, her writing, her excellent piano playing, and her Brilliance. This is all highlighted by her intriguing stage presence. Rachel is a total entertainer expressing passion through her talent in music and acting.

Instagram: @AngelTheArtist

Angel – “Fashion Fever” (EP)
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