Asjislam (@ASJISLAMROUTE80) – Put 1 In The Air


Asjislam once again excels on “Put 1 In The Air”, an introspective track where he talks about his life and feelings. This is easily the best standout song on the Ep. However beats, production, and lyrics are all on point throughout this release “NO GRILLZ NO TATTZ NO CHAINZ” is easily one of my favorite Rap Ep’s to come out this year.

Born in April on the north side of Cleveland, Asjislam lived a nomadic lifestyle as his family moved from one place to the next. And even though his home life was unstable, music would serve as the one thing he would come to depend on. After hearing such artist as Nwa, Scarface, Epmd, Krs1 and the Ghetto boys, he felt a special connection to this form of expression. I guess you can say hip hop saved his life. A life of pain and loss, both of which his music is based on. Everyone has a story, some more tragic than others, and thanks to this art form he was able to at least for some moments, escape a few of his.