Astro Gadget – Loyalty (@AstroGadgetAMT @Promo4AMT)

Astro Gadget is a recording artist and producer from Toronto. Astro Gadget has been making music since grade 5, but he really started to take it serious in about 2008 and began perfecting his craft. In 2012 he came to a point in his life where he had to make beats because he wasn’t geting enough original beats like he wanted to. Now he has became way better at producing and has produced for different local artists in Toronto. Astro Gadget has opened up for recording artist Freeway October 11th inside Oshawa Music Hall in Oshawa, ON and will be opening up for Mobb Deep November 10th inside the Spot Nightclub in Niagara, ON. He has released 2 singles called “On A Mission” & “Loyalty” off his upcoming mixtape “No Sleep Allowed” Hosted by Renny Holladae & Dj R-Keys. This is Astro Gadget’s debut mixtape in the game and will be released off his independent label Always Make Transitions by the 2nd week of November.

Twitter: @AstroGadgetAMT @Promo4AMT