Ave. Amen (@Ave_Amen) – INTERIM The Mixtape

“INTERIM” is a 7 track project that offers listeners a three dimensional view of Ave’s artistry, flow, and message. Songs such as “Make Believe” call attention to Ave.’s ability to switch up flows while verbally interacting with a captivating production. “Back Down” highlights Ave. Amen’s word play, and style, over an extraordinary instrumentation that has roots in his NuWave Music movement. The Intro song of INTERIM, “My Dream”, starts and ends with a recording of the late great Malcolm X addressing police abuse and misuse of power, while the song itself is a testament to Ave. Amen’s continuous pursuit of success in the music industry. The other four songs on this project provide the adhesiveness that will surly make “INTERIM” Ave. Amen’s best work to date.

www.AveAmen.com (Official Website)