Award Winning Songwriter Tricia Greenwood (@lovetomakemusic) Debuts New Album

Tricia Greenwood

Award winning artist Tricia Greenwood, who released her first album “No Fear in Love” in 2003, has released her latest album, a five song compilation that includes the classic cover song, “Fever” featuring bass player, Bob Gonzales, hailing from the band The Syndicate of Sound. The album also includes Aaron Madsen on lead guitar for blues song, “Wanna Feel Your Love.” Madsen recorded and mastered the album at Madhouse Studio in Sunnyvale, CA.

“Tricia’s vocals on “Fever” with bass guitar gives this unrehearsed live studio recording a more naked rendition,” said Gonzales.

Greenwood has been busy working on a documentary that includes a live interview in Los Angeles with Paul Zollo, author of “Songwriters on Songwriting” and a senior editor at American Songwriter Magazine as well as editor and chief photographer for Bluerailroad, an online magazine of the arts. Greenwood also recently signed a co-publishing and distribution deal with Sugo Music Group.

Greenwood’s new album, Eclectic Emotions is now available on itunes.

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