B.DIMEZ is an artist out of upstate roc ny that’s def headin for the stars. Raised on the east side of Rochester ny he was no stranger to the struggle of the everyday inner city troubles.Being released from prison in 2007 and being 6 mixtapes in as a local artist he wanted more. From the local newspaper articles to the bars pubs and venues he began to appear. Perfecting his craft along the way releasing 8 new mixtapes to date and in his words “the stars are the limit” was starting to sound more like a fact then a slogan. With more in the works (new album droppin jan 1st PAPER CHASE 4) (shows,major mixtape drops,major mixtape slots and features) the new year won’t only b a new start but a new chance to bring upstate ny music sceene to the light

Twitter: @BDIMEZ
Instagram: @BDIMEZ490EASTMAN