BABYLOU DA KID (@babylouski) – ALMOST HOME 2 (Mixtape)


Babyloudakid or BLDK was born LEWIS JOHNSON on June 28th 1992 in new Orleans La, at its peak of violence. He grew up St.Philip street which is located in the city’s 6th ward. He moved to Atlanta Ga, at age 11 years old and picked up music shortly after. Two years later Hurricane Katrina happened the same year lost his grandmother and one year and 5months later lost his only parent Evelyn Big Mook McDowell when he was only 14 which made him become rebellious. He used to sleep in his friends basement recording raps and songs where he found his passion for music was as strong as ever. Now BABYLOUDAKID OR BLDK is a striving and aspiring music entity back in his hometown at the age of 21 years old. He is now one of the frontrunners for the A.R.E movement and has more in store.

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