Bekay (@therealbekay) – Magic Man (Paulie Malignaggi)


Hip hop artist Bekay, and champion boxer Paulie Malagnaggi have a few things in common. Sure they may have shared a groupie or two (in bk) along their rise in each ones genre of entertainment, but their strongest bond by far is they’re both “BROOKLYN BOYS”. Well Dec 7th Paulie hopes to have his hand held high in victory as “Brooklyn keeps on takin it”! In this particular fight BROOKLYN will “take it” no matter what, being that his opponent is Zab Juddah, another native to Brooklyn. As a boxing fanatic and someone who grew up in the gym studying the “sweet science” of boxing, Bekay openly gives his opinion on the fight. “Paulie is just a much better overall boxer. He has the footwork, speed, defense, combos, head-movement and ring awareness, all the things that make up a true boxing purist. Yea I got love for Zab, I went to highschool with his brother, but this is Paulie’s fight, I’m supporting him fully and he knows that”. Al’Tarba lays down a very hard hitting soundscape on a head-knocking beat that……well……simply put “makes you wanna punch someone in the face” as Bekay puts down lethal story telling rhymes in his anthem type of song crafted specifically for fellow Brooklynite and homie Paulie titled “THE MAGIC MAN” (those who know boxing know that is Paulie’s moniker). A ring walk is suspected but not officially announced yet. BROOKLYN STAND UP!