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The day has finally come where you will be able to turn on the radio and hear less rambling, and more raw rap. King Gnoz Muzic is proud to introduce Atlanta native Biggz-Official! Music as the world knows it will officially be changed with the release of his mixtape, Back 2 Da Real. Biggz has drawn in fans with his unique approach, subject matter, soulful tracks, and storytelling.  Being deemed the Barry White of rap, because of his powerful voice and catchy lyrics, there’s no doubt that things are about to be shaken up.

With the gift of being able to create relatable material, regardless of where you’ve been, or what you’ve seen, Biggz draws in listeners from every walk of life. Music has always been a special part of Biggz-Official’s life. His special connection with rhyming started at the tender age of 4. His father saw it too, purchasing him a microphone before he entered kindergarten. His dad was in a high school band at the time, so he knew the power in music, and wanted to give Biggz-Official a jump start on discovering how far it could take him. Now it is more than evident that he has what it takes to shine on the main stages that some of his favorite artists once stood on.

The mixtape will be released July 25th, on several major sites, including,, and Back 2 Da Real was recorded at Atlanta’s premier Patchwerk Studio, and includes a co-sign by the legendary Warren G. He feels Biggz will make some noise when he comes out. He even gave him some tracks for the tape, because he truly backs his talent. Biggz-Official is excited about his first tape, but already working on his next one. He feels hard work means never slowing down, so it’s full speed ahead. The second mixtape will be released about a month later. There are artists, and there are those truly passionate about the art. Biggz-Official is into creating masterpieces, only. GET READY.

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