Bishup Bicardi (@BishupBicardi) – Bicardi Up (BTS)


Emmanuel Marc best known by his stage name “Bishup Bicardi,” is a rapper, songwriter, performing artist based in Boston, Massachusetts. He grew up in a large family where he was the youngest of five children. The schooling process was a difficult one for him since he was never interested in the standardized procedure of education. He always knew that he was meant to do something different from the average with his life. He started by playing sports and attended all high school social events. If Emmanuel’s classmates were to describe him at that time, they would have said he was a jokester, the class clown. His personality was always larger than life and entertaining, whether it be in a classroom or on a stage.

Fast forward to April 2012 when Bicardi released his first national single “Ring On You” Featuring G-Unit crooner Governor. Amassing nearly 100k views he was scouted by Melissa Mack from Ari Admani & Co. Their next release together “Bicardi Up” peaked at #5 on the National Airplay Independent 50 Charts, and is still climbing at #130.