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Ameen Fyfield (born November 16th, 1985), known by the name BisnesAsUsual, is an American recording artist, rapper, songwriter, and clothing designer. Born from Rastafarian parents residing in New York, Amin was vegetarian until the age of 16. It wasn’t until his parents separated that he later moved to Boston, Massachusetts and gave up much of the Rastafarian lifestyle. In 2009, Amin suffered a lung infection and was hospitalized for two weeks. He defines this as the pivotal moment when he knew that he didn’t want to waste time pursuing anything else but what he loved most–music. He also knew that he wanted to be a solo artist. It was also after this that he decided to cleanse himself again and return to a vegetarian lifestyle.

Currently he travels back and forth between New York and Boston, where he performs, writes, and records. When he’s not working on new material, he manages, develops, and co-writes for other artists in and around the Boston area.

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