Black Scientist (@blackscientists) – Its A New Year


Growing up in the hostile streets of Georgetown, Black Scientist found his release and passion in music. Like most cliché Hood stories, Black Scientist found himself jamming on street corners with like minded friends and musicians around the age of twelve, when he realized that this is what he wanted to do with his life and wasn’t going to stop until he got where he wanted to be and as it shows today, he is getting more and more popular he is one of the best unsigned hipe artiste of the year In the time he spent living in Jamaica Black Scientist was introduced to many musicians who have influenced his music today. From Sizzla, Bounty Killer and Capleton all the way to R&B artists such as R Kelly and Joe Thomas and Barry White. All though he may draw inspiration and influence from these various artists, Black Scientist writes all the music and lyrics himself. His goal is to reach to the top and see his music taken to the dance floor and seeing people having a blast getting down and dirty, shaking their hips and accompanying booty to the rhythms he has created for this very perpose also right songz for artiste such as (lord kossity) one of france major artiste in the reggae business and proform with him on stage also write songz for dj tomekk from germany and tour with him around europe, Black Scientist get deeper into the music business by building his own recording studio learning to engineer and mix his own songz and creating his own beats and recording himself A lot of his songs hold deeper meaning but Black Scientist is still waiting for the right time god want him to shine to introduce these to his fan base -which has grown rather large in Europe. “ Sometimes Music is about Entertaining, not about preaching. I base most of my lyrics on things young people can relate to when they go out to the club. After they have been working hard all week and the weekend finally lands, they want to hear music that will make them bounce and have a good time dancing. The kind of songs a man can sing to his girl and bring a smile to her face,” so sad Black Scientist .last year 2008 Black Scientist has been faced with a full schedule. He performed at the Jamaican Reggae Festival, toured Europe all the way from Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Köln) to London, and finally the US and Canada. In October he jammed at the Moscow Hip Hop Highest Festival organized by Zumarock Entertainment, sharing the stage with Chingy and Hot Rod from G Unit It is not surprising that Black Scientist is asked to perform at these venues, nor is it surprising that he is always asked to come back. With his air of positive attitudes and warmth vibes towards his audience he manages to excite his crowd and pull them into the force of his beats and lyrics. Even though his fame is starting to grow and he is associated with big names in the music industry Scientist has remained grounded and prefers not to share too many aspects of his private life with the world. Somehow he has managed to avoid letting the show business get the best of him or consume his warm personality.