Blue Eyed Persuasion (@rpou1) – It Won’t Be Christmas

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Robert Pou, aka the “Blue Eyed Persuasion”, a Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter/Actor took an early interest in music before he even started school. He would stare at the radio while the music was playing and wonder how the band would get in and out of that little box! He would look in the holes on the side just to see if he could see them playing. Before his teens he was in a Catholic school choir and was taught how to follow music in it’s simplest form. At the age of 12 he was taught 3 basic major chords on the guitar and have never looked back since.

Self taught with only two advantages; an ear for music and determination!, Robert wouldn’t get into the Blues until he was in his early 30’s when by then he could relate to the sound and spirituality that brings that soulful feeling to a song. After all, it is all about the feeling that makes a song great!

Twitter: @rpou1