Few have the golden touch quite like hip hop impresario, model and actor, BranNNue LIFE. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, he grew up in the gritty west end section of the city. Ever the overachiever, BraNNue LIFE combined the self-discipline of athletics and the power of education to develop a firm foundation for his success. BraNNue LIFE is just not an artist, but a true fan of music.

Fascinated by music’s power to mesmerize and evoke a high energy response from the audience, BraNNue LIFE was inspired to embark on a new journey. BraNNue LIFE’s biography and music are one in the same. He describes his style as Model A$$ Music boldly laced with confidence and swagger.

Have you ever sat at a job, and thought about what you’re going to do on your next day? What kind of mischief & shenanigans you’re going to get in?

Well “OUT OF CONTROL” is the voice of these people!

“OUT OF CONTROL” is the merging of 2 genres, Hip-Hop & EDM, to create an all around classic international hit.

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