C-Los (@C_losns) – Voice of the streets

C-Los, voice of the streets.

Carlos Ruelas artistic name “C-Los” & N.S production are Midwest based hip hop composers in this modern day in age, a California native born to a single mother of 3 who saw the views of the street & although playing a part in what goes on in them maintained & perspective of it all which is shared in his artistic vision, the music itself is a raw feel of hip hop’s foundations with a mix of modern vibes whilst maintaining its originality & message.here is the link to his latest release on @datpiff https://mobile.datpiff.com/mixtape/827363 a 7 track demo tape to which there is a visual to the song titled “Wise Man” on YouTube link:https://youtu.be/ccD8_WqgpGU have a listen for yourself at the links provided, follow & check out this voice who has been in hip hop’s underground far too long.


Twitter: @C_losns

Ig: closns