Christy Artiste (@Christiana_g3ek) – Cool on That

Artist: Christy Artiste (pronounced Ar- teest)
Genre:Hip Hop/Pop

Song title: Cool on That
From upcoming EP titled M.T.T.M

Bio: Christy Artiste is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native. She is a multifaceted artist hence the name “Artiste” as she raps, sings, dances, designs, and she also creatively directs her material. Artiste provides her fans with a mixture of upbeat and laid-back vibes with her songs. Artiste began her artistic endeavors at the young age of 4, attending Elm Creative Arts in Milwaukee. She has a unique, yet nostalgic aesthetic of style. She has been said to have a very retro swag, which is evident in her most recent single titled “Cool On That.” Her witty wordplay and lyrical creativity makes way for a fresh addition to the music industry, and a staple for the new generation of music.