Claus Zinger – When You Fall


We would like to invite you to hear Claus Zinger newest single – “When you fall”.

“When you fall” is an Indie Pop track based on a soothing piano and euphoric auto-tuned lyrics with a catchy uplifting beat that won’t look out of a place on a dance floor. The lyrics portrays the essence of picking yourself back up and moving forward with your life after being down in the dumps, a great message to compliment the euphoric track.

Hailing from Israel, Claus Zinger is an eclectic performer with a unique charisma and an unorthodox approach to his music. Claus set out to craft songs blending a wide range of influences and genres together, from elements of electronic music to hints of symphonic rock and even alternative pop. The music goes alongside personal and introspective lyrics, dealing with topics such as “the unbearable difficulty of existence, the pain attached to the essence of the world which cannot be ignored.”


AUDIO: Claus Zinger – When You Fall