Collective L.A. – “Set our Love in Motion” (@jfabus)

Collective L.A. is a collaboration between 11 different musicians across the Los Angeles scene. Each individual, under the direction of Jason Fabus, contributed their own unique ideas towards the final project.

Los Angeles area saxophonist and producer Jason Fabus came up with the Collective project back in 2014. He had the idea of sending a track idea around to different musicians and getting their input and ideas. As the track bounces from musician to musician, it will come together and build a full song.

Now Jason is doing Collective projects to feature those individual artists in cities across America. So far, Jason has done (2) Los Angeles tracks, one in Minneapolis, and is currently working on a track in Chicago. He plans to make an entire album when it’s all said and done.

The Collective project showcases musicians ability to work together in collaboration, with a single goal in mind: making NEW MUSIC.