Daddy T (@Bashywavemusic) – Shorty Looking Hot

Born on July 1st 1973, Mark Reynolds once known as Dutty Foreigner and now famous as Daddy T started his music career in 2003 where he debuted with an album with 3 tracks. Later he started his own label which is the Bashy Wave Music. Daddy T’s recent music albums Ugh Yeah, We Wild N Out, Back Biter and Get it Good have won many accolades for him. He also released the extended play record known as “The Poetry”. The record has three original tracks with quality listening time of 15 minutes. The album was listed amongst those which belonged to the Direct Lyrical Quality. It was quite a famous rapper and attracted the youth with its sexual nature. Daddy T knew exactly what he wanted out of this album and used his poetic skills in different ways to bring out a great album.

Daddy T is definitely a musical artist. His music albums are based on his own experiences such as all those crushes he had for ladies and his girl friends who are dancers. This intelligent rapper made sure that he is connected to his listeners through his party songs full of energy. New listeners will definitely become fans of Daddy T after listening to his rap music. He constantly keeps in touch with his fans on social networking sites such as Twitter and uploads his latest albums released by his very own Bashy Wave Music Label. One must watch his videos which are full of energy and meaning. His albums are most famous now and are available online. One can purchase the .mp3 versions on listen to them online or even download them from different platforms such as the and Bashy Wave Music Label is the most common here. This Connecticut hip-hop artist is yet to release many more albums to steal the hearts of his fans.