Dan Marcus (@daroyal1) – Baybee

Pressed by the struggles of developing acts in an industry which does not favour fresh talents, Dan Marcus is demanding his respect from dancehall/reggae gatekeepers.

He told THE STAR that DJs and selectors are reluctant to give young talent a fair chance to shine, and warns that the music industry cannot be sustained without fresh faces.

“One of the greatest difficulty I face as a young artiste is the lack of respect or interest by selectors and disc jocks to support young artistes. Even if yuh great and have a good song, even if you pay dem or pay this man and that man, dem a go set up roadblocks fi yuh career and go around yuh thing,” he said.

Dan Marcus highlighted that dancehall has relied heavily on Bounty Killer and Beenie Man to pull fans to local shows for over two decades. He said such a practice has only stifled developing acts. The singer also begged for more support of reggae, especially during Reggae Month.

“Reggae is my life. It’s the way how I walk, talk, move, sing. It is the single greatest feeling of satisfaction one can achieve, in my opinion. That’s why Bob Marley could have captivated, and bring all that joy, to the world through this very vehicle,” he said.

Dan Marcus is gearing up to release his new EP Miss Maryann Last Son: Life And Times Of Dan Marcus. The singer said the EP shows his transition as an artiste. He also hopes to work with iconic musician Dean Frazer. “I want to make music that resonates with people differently, the type of music that I can tour with for years to come. This EP focuses on singles instead of a long drawn-out project and is less expensive to produce,” he said.

He said he felt like most of the new music out there right now is all about “a hype” and has no substance. “Nobody is original anymore; and as a man find a style, everybody run wid it. I feel like my music is real because I draw my inspiration from my real-life experiences and not what I hear,” he said.

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