Deezy Da Paperboy (@Deezydapaperboy) – Runaway


In the crowded genre that is hip-hop/rap, there is always a new MC aspiring to be the next big thing. Many newcomers who aspire to break through consider themselves to be the “Sugar Honey Iced Tea.” Unfortunately, not “everybody is a star,” regardless whether they possess potential or exceptional talent.

“I’m on, n***a you not!”

Every now and again, an impressive newcomer comes along and demands you that you notice.Deezy Da Paperboy does just that on “JFK,” a song best described as being “lights out” from the jump. With an ill flow and a dark, enigmatic video clip to match, “JFK” grabs the audience, never relinquishing control.

“You better watch yourself, ‘cause my lyrics explicit / not a single f*ck’s been given since I made it out that prison”

The confidant, unapologetic, “gives no f*cks” rapper won the Midwest Blog Tour 2: Central Illinois. Carl “Babyface Monster” Jones coordinates the Midwest Blog Tour. Jones, besides serving as coordinator, is a rapper (Babyface Monster), author (Digital Hustle), and hip-hop blogger. /