Deph Naught (@danielkelly9) – Hero of Rhyme


Deph Naught‘s new single, “The Hero of Rhyme” is one for the books.After a long while away from the spotlight and the hype brought by his debut mixtape “Ready or Naught”, Deph is finally back with his a new single! To kick things off, Deph is bringing his trademark wit and wordplay to a whole new level with his next single “The Hero of Rhyme!” produced by Mickie Beats.

This track is an homage to his one true passion, Hip Hop, and his never ending quest to save it from the commercial, shallow format it has been in for quite a long time. Deph, alongside Mickie Beats, cleverly use a sample from the video game “Zelda, Ocarina of Time” and one of its themes “The Song of Storms” to emphasize the heroic journey Deph feels he must undertake.