Devin Clark & Joshua Du Chene – See You in the Upside Down (A Stranger Things Fan Song) @JoshuaDuChene @Machinescream

Devin Clark (Machinescream) and Joshua Du Chene (A Porcupine’s Narrative & motae) are huge fans of Stranger Things, and they’ve teamed up to create a fan song that represents the energy, emotion, and power of the show in celebration of the airing of Season 3. Guiding the listener through a companion story of the first two seasons, See You In The Upside Down attempts to encapsulate the emotional journey of the show’s main characters. Through a call and response between our heroes and the Mind Flayer, Devin and Joshua ultimately build the music to a soaring climax where Eleven must face down the destroyer of worlds and give her all to save her friends and her world.

Twitter: @JoshuaDuChene & @Machinescream