Dimio Kix (@DimioKiX) – “Transmission”

New music from Dimio Kix entitled “transmission”.

Dimio Kix speaks on how the track came about:
A year ago when I was 14. I started a track by the name of “Creation” it had a just a build and a drop to it. Then I found sylenth1 so I used sylenth1 for a few leads And bass (which I replaced the previous leads & bass with) then I started listening to piano music which then gave me inspiration to use a piano plugin.. and use it as one of the mids in the tracks melody… How ever I cannot remember if it was a plugin that came with the producing software or not that I used at the time. For fx samples I used vandalism samples And a few other of my favorite Samples From other packs which I don’t exactly remember. Then I just started to take interest in cars which then prompted me to change the tracks name to transmission.(which is why you see a Lamborghini as cover art.)

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/dimiokix/
Twitter – https://mobile.twitter.com/DimioKiX
SoundCloud – https://m.soundcloud.com/dimiokix
Youtube – https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC19TCOLii-270LooWPjdLgw
song – https://soundcloud.com/dimiokix/transmission