Dion Jetson (@DionJetson) ft Ben Official (@IAm_BenOfficial) & Jack Red (@lifeofjackred) – Born King


When a group of artists have positive energy flowing and creative chemistry; they can create powerful music. This is the case with Dion Jetson’s latest release, Born King, featuring Ben Official and Jack Red, produced by Teo$. The song was built on a chain of respect; the producer Teo$ was a fan of Dion Jetson’s recent single releases: “He So Cold” and “Clap for Me.” Dion is a fan of Ben Official’s latest release “Circa 87” and a fan of Jack Red through his appearances on CW’s “The Next” and a fan of his work as a songwriter and producer. This chain of respect completed the cycle of kings.

The four artists combined to make a bass thumping and memorable track with “Born King.” Sharp punch lines, meet a royal hook, warming harmonies and resounding vocals. “Born King” is the type of song you listen to every morning to feel like royalty. Dion Jetson’s upcoming project, The Ear & The Heart is dropping first quarter 2014.

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