DorynousBeatmaker (@Dorynous)


Was born Dory Nacibide on February 29, 1992 in Guadeloupe,French West-Indies where he spent most of his childhood being raised by his cousins who love listen to Rap music.

While in high school Dory moved to Baie-Mahault,GPE where he attended Charles Coeffin High School and focused on being a Electrotechnician. He turned to music to keep him occupied and try to be a Sound Ingineer.
After graduation, in 2012, Dory took his music to another level and was able to start living off of it. He moved to Paris, France to work with French and US artists. While working with him, Dorynous grew a lot as an artist, started experimenting with different sounds and began to sharpen his sound.

While there he developed a lot of great relationships and received many opportunities to further his career. Since he has been in France, Dorynous has had the pleasure to work with a lot of amazing people and artists he keep working on his beat and do the thing he love – Make Beats .