Drina Jai feat. Dane Ray – “Mash Up Di Place” (via @Manu_ZnZ_Freeze)

Friday night party sounds are here courtesy of ZionnoizFreeze Records’ release, “Mash Up Di Place,” from artists Drina Jai and Dane Ray.

With a swinging, club-ready vibe, Drina Jai and Dane Ray team up for a top quality dancehall track that is perfect for getting your Friday night playlist kicked off. The dancehall sound has really taken its hold on the top 40 charts as of late and I really feel that this single is definitely a top quality release that could easily find its way into top 40 rotations. Swinging drum tracks unite with uplifting and catchy melodies, bassline grooves, and excellent vocal performances from both Drina and Dane to create an awesome original vibe that lasts the entire four minutes. Be sure to stream this jam here and grab

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