The Man behind the Beat the original club sound architect returns.

Peter DiMilo is the portal for a new age of Club Dance and Electro-Rap.

Award winning Composer/Producer Peter DiMilo has assembled Montreal’s freshest crew scientists. Currently making big waves is the resurrection of DiMilo’s club-music archetype Erotic Drum Band (E.D.B.) beats and skunk work rhymes abducted the collective attention of the masses and will not stop probing it.

As the creative guru behind E.D.B., the inception of Peter DiMilo illuminates the path which lies behind an award-winning trail of E.D.B. hits: Plug Me to Death, Action 78, Love Disco Style, Touch Me Where Its Hot and Pop Pop Shoo Wah and turns focus towards the future of fresh music, artwork and videos being released on a regular basis from a talented group of artists.

Peter DiMilo’s E.D.B. crew is getting strapped, striped, and famous. Open your mind, let us in, and hold on.