Eastside Fritz (@eastsidefritz) & So Flawless (@SoFlawlessMusic) – Unstoppable


So Flawless and Eastside Fritz are forging ahead in the music industry in a momentous way, with their debut, 11 song album, “So Flawless Presents Eastside Fritz”.

So Flawless, an Australian producer, is the instrumental piece to their collaborative – no pun intended. Having previously worked with DJ Green Lantern, Chino XL, Danny Boy, and Charlie Clips, it’s no wonder why So Flawless has already begun to make a name for himself inside the industry. On the other side of this duo is Eastside Fritz, the American Hip-Hop artist who brings the voice, as both a rapper and singer. The first collaboration between these two was towards the end of 2013. Their persistent work ethic to their unique sound is the reason this tag team is ready to take the music industry by storm.

Eastside Fritz

So Flawless