Elle Deva (@elledeva) – Rain Roses

Producer/guitarist Michele from Italy, singer/songwriter Lauren.J from Cape Town,uses being culturally diverse as an advantage.Making them limitless in their creative process,and even harder placing them under one genre.They have found a balance between doing gigs with cover songs and at the same time always working on their own music.”Rain Roses” is their first single,released under Filter Label. It was initially a project aimed at tv and film placements,but decided to share it while working on their next single. Their biggest project is called “Project Love” Hosting concerts to raise funds for people in need.Driven to move forward,they hope to continually make music that reaches a vast market,determined to make music for every kind of listener. They plan on staying true to themselves,having had interests from major labels that love the sound but are always looking for that one song. However hit or no hit. As long as its Elle Deva,Elle Deva is what you’ll get.