Ess Jones (@Essindeed) – Emperor Kong

A mere three weeks after dropping “The Joog” – a playlist inspired by the purifying pains of 2016 – Ess Jones doubles down with the release of “Emperor Kong.” This time the inspiration is the imminent triumph that Ess will meet in 2017. The five song playlist is the soundtrack for moving forward and rising from the ashes. It is obvious that Ess Jones puts his faith squarely in God but still has a fair share of ego which he struggles to balance. Starting with “Takeoff” an iDBeatz production, featuring braggadocio courtesy of Ric Flair, Ess makes it known that he will leave the common atmosphere to breathe the rare air he deserves to breathe. Next, we hear “You Do You” another iDBeatz production with a sing-song hook that celebrates our own individuality and freedom to live how we want and let each other do our thing. Ess claims to be “Flyer than whoever by a landslide” on the straight forward Legion-produced “Hands High.” Back to iDBeatz production, “Overthinking” finds Ess getting in touch with his feelings and ruminating over Love Lessons and apologizing for his complications. The final song in the list “Clouds” – another Legion production- is the natural bookend to the beginning that was “Takeoff.” Now certain that he will reach the heights that he has dreamed of and worked for, Ess is waving goodbye to those who didn’t want to take the ride with him. Still committed to his work and mastering his craft, Ess continues his journey to rise and rule as Emperor Kong.

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