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Live Loyal Die Royal Aug 10

NAWFpole Mixtape


Allan “F.A.” Eberhardt is one of the latest artists to arrive in the rap industry. An Atlanta native, born in 1987, F.A. began recording songs at the age of thirteen. As an accomplished lyricist, F.A. has mastered a craft only present in the industry’s most elite rappers-the ability to thrill listeners with a witty use of wordplay, while maintaining an authentic representation of his lifestyle. A true product of his environment, F.A. has garnered local attention through various self-made mixtapes. Furthermore, F.A. is no stranger to the stage. After winning local freestyle contests, he has performed throughout Atlanta. As the twenty-six-year-old rapper continues to hone his God-given talents, one thing is certain: Its only a matter of time before F.A. is recognized as one of the top talents of the industry.

IG: jefenawf