Imperial Hustle Entertainment features local artist, Figa 8, of the Inland Empire. While IHE is based out of San Diego County, Figa 8 is well-known in the hip-hop scene surrounding the Inland Empire and San Diego. CEO Defiance of IHE proudly introduces the artist beyond the spectrum of the Inland Empire to showcase the release of his mixtape Game Face to hold fans over for his upcoming album entitled Winter Time Flame Summer Time Snow. The #1 urban resource guide of the San Diego area, IHE primary goal is to help local artist reach their creative potential through talent marketing, networking and featured articles. Figa 8 is the featured artist in the digital release of the April issue, Volume 9, Issue 2.

Although it may seem he is up and coming, Figa 8 has well established roots in the hip-hop scene releasing two previously recorded albums entitled The Good the Bad and the Inbetween and All Business Know Pleasure. Like his other albums, fans should expect a mainstream sound that embodies depth of soul and perspective of who he is as an artist. Figa 8 prides himself on being a storyteller, one that connects to all walks of life and that is relevant to the times.

Lead artist of Grand Fam Entertainment where Figa 8 released Year of the Punchline produced by Ted Rizkalla, Figa 8 is also a part of the DIG record family where he hopes to introduce a new type of sound to the hip hop industry that is both innovative and retro. With a name like Figa 8, which means constant evolution, he hopes his fans can connect through his compelling lyricism. Winter Time Flame Sumer Time Snow produced alongside Drew Infinite will delight old and new fans as they journey through Figa 8’s evolutionary hip-hop modernism. Fans will also be delighted to hear a separate solo project releasing later in 2014 entitled Aint Said Shhhhhh#*.

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